You’re Not in 7th Grade—So Why the Insecurity?

****Over-sixty women are asking one another—and themselves—this question quite often. “Why the insecurity?”

One would think after living so many decades of life, insecurity would be a challenge that would have been eradicated long ago. But that’s not always true. What we find is that the insecurity is there beneath the surface, masked and hidden sometimes, but still there.

This will come to light especially when photos or videos come into play. Almost to a person, over-sixty women dread being in front of a camera.

Isn’t it interesting that women have raised children to adulthood—sometimes on their own; they’ve pushed through barriers to work on assembly lines and sit in boardrooms; some have even risked their livelihood to call out men for overt or subtle sexist acts? But showing up in front of a camera to faceless others can shake them to their core. And these days, cameras (iPhones) are everywhere.

This is why in our Stop Acting Your Age Course, we ask women to take “before-and-after” photos. In many ways, our course, and this simple action of taking selfies, works wonders in dispelling the insecurity that lurks beneath the surface. In easy steps, each one (in her own way), pushes through the fear.

It comes from discovering the balance between caring too much what others think, and being comfortable with self!

Seventh grade was many years ago. Time to let go of those insecurities that plagued you back then. You’ve come through a lot in the ensuing years. Time to focus on your victories and leave the insecurities behind you.

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