What Can A Senior Do To Embrace Where They Are And Consciously Create A Positive Plan For Their Life?

Life as a senior is tough, and with every proverbial tick of the clock, we observe new wrinkles, thinner hair, and more signs of ageing. Also, 24/7 news are littered with tornadoes, political uncertainties and law and order situations. Therefore, it is okay to believe in the prophecy of Nostradamus that the world is coming to an end!

However, it is not, and believe you me (I am from the silent generation, and have seen ages of actors), there is nothing more common in the Hollywood than wasted talent. According to a wellness coach, Elisabeth Scott, although we all come with a specific set point for certain personality traits such as agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, and neuroticism, we also have a lot of wiggle space.

In simpler words, we can consciously change our perceptions and cultivate different behavior and attitudes. Therefore, if you are reading this, the chances are high that goings are quite windy for you. Here is what I did, and all senior boomerscan do it too;

I embraced my life situation by venting out all my angst on a piece of paper, burned it, and arranged for a cremation of sorts. Also, that night I went to bed with optimism to bear the child of positive attitude.

Sounds silly?

It does not if you start waking up every day with “I am thankful for a new day.” instead of “I do not like getting up.” Remember, a positive attitude can bring you better health, happier relationships and more opportunities in life, compared to the lemons you would get with a perennially grouchy disposition.

Here is your new positive plan;

Encourage Technologies

The internet and social networking platforms are fantastic opportunities for the elderly, as more and more seniors are connecting via technology with family and friends. Also, online connections offer regular chances for your loved ones to check in on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being that is otherwise nearly impossible. Moreover, studies reveal that social networking sites that were once frequented primarily by Generation Y and Z are now progressively embraced by older adults.


A walk in the neighborhood, at your favorite park, or along the beach, is a great way to start the day. Additionally, to avoid monotony, merge walking with another activity like birdwatching, or letterboxing. If you have a smartphone, geocaching (much like letterboxing but with GPS) could be your thing.


Today, several communities are constructing bikeways along abandoned interurban railway lines. Therefore, your local parks can supply you with bike path locations and maps. Alternatively, you can look on Trail Link, to see if there are nearby paths.


A cursory online search will show numerous civic organizations and charities crying out for helping hands. Therefore, senior boomers like you, with lifelong experience and nous can always make changes happen in the following disciplines;

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing home visits
  • Tax preparation help
  • Community events
  • Museum
  • Library helper
  • Tourist attractions

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