What Are The Biggest Problems Boomers, Elders, and Seniors Currently Have?

Ability to pay bills

With inflation surging against the cost of living, it is becoming stiffer for those living on a fixed income to timely pay their bills. This is why the majority of boomers and senior people between ages 50 and 64 are awakening to the reality of delayed retirement to sustain their current standard of living. For those elderly souls who own a home, there is the added concern to be able to use their home’s equity as supplemental income to social security. However, with more risks and scams, older people are having a tough time figuring out how to protect themselves and also afford a decent living.

Stop Acting Your Age Says: Listen, all you boomers and senior people! Take heart and hop on to the internet. There is so much you can give back to the world while reaping gains out of it. For instance, there are fantastic online marketplaces such as Airbnb, and Couch-surfing to rent your spare bedrooms, and to host guests from across the globe. Moreover, there are services such as where you can teach your first language all around the world. Lastly, there is YouTube to make videos and tutorials about whatever life experience you have amassed over the years.

Health Issues

Today, many silent generation elderlies are left incapacitated despite living longer as increases in longevity are flanked by increases in disability. These problems and woes are certainly not going away especially since the majority of boomers are still relatively young and healthy. I can only hope that social security and Medicare will continue to be available for them and for the Generation Y, and Millennials when their time comes.

Stop Acting Your Age Says: You know folks, an excellent activity for old age is to consistently find activities that genuinely keep you engaged. For instance, find or assemble your close group of friends, and plan fitness regimes, movie nights, and the thrill of trying new eateries. Believe you me, you would feel 10 to 15 years younger once you will get into the habit. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to visit your doctor regularly to ensure all is well.

Fear of Being Alone

Often people get into or stay in relationships that are dissatisfying throughout their life because of their fear of being alone. As people age and experience a loss of spouse, partner, friends, and siblings, the fear of being alone aggravates. Psychologically speaking, the effects of prolonged loneliness can include depression, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, drug and alcohol addiction, suicide, and chronic illnesses.

Stop Acting Your Age Says: I can quote what a specialist might tell you that cognitive therapy, pet therapy, and relaxation techniques are common treatments, especially with the silent generation cohort, but it is tough to find anything more effective than companionship. As mentioned above, you can start by embracing Couch-surfing. You would be hosting guests from all across the world while coming across perspectives you never knew existed.

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