Travel Light – Simplify Your Luggage

Are you a novice traveler? Perhaps you used to travel, but haven’t for a while. Now you want to get back into the adventure of travel. If so, you may need to rethink the idea of luggage. Remember those ads from the bygone days featuring matching luggage? Matching luggage was striking, classy, and stylish, but in today’s world—not practical.

For some, it’s difficult to imagine minimal packing, but believe me it is possible. Veteran travelers can attest to the fact. Just leave your need for fashion at home.

Begin with a travel daypack that will hold all your essentials. Do your research and select a daypack for comfort and durability. For instance, look for those padded straps for comfort. Here’s your change of clothes, a few toiletries, water bottle, even your laptop, if necessary. Most daypacks will fit under the airline seat.

Next, you’ll want a carry-on that will fit in the plane’s overhead compartment. Because airlines are currently charging high fees for luggage, your carry-on will reduce luggage fees, and will speed up your exit from the airport.

You may not have thought about security; however, would-be thieves look for travelers with excess luggage. It appears they’re carrying lots of valuables. With your daypack and carryon, you will avoid that wealthy appearance.

Flex your minimal-luggage muscles with a short trip and experiment. Make it a challenge. Just how little can you carry and still have an enjoyable travel adventure? Well, try it and see!

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