Travel Alone; Travel Safe

For whatever reason, you are now alone. In your “other life” you always had someone with whom you could travel. Those days—at least for the time being—are over. Don’t waste time whining and wishing things were different.

You want to travel, but you have fears about traveling alone? Think about it this way. All of the things you fear that could happen on a trip, could very well happen right in your own neighborhood. So cast the fears away and go have fun.

Here are a few tips for ensuring your safety.

Getting robbed is a common fear at any age. But realize that you have already left most of your valuables at home. So simply protect what little you’ve taken with you.

Secure your hotel room. When inside use a simple alarm system. It can be as simple as sticking a plastic wedge under the door, or as sophisticated as a portable door handle alarm. The door alarm hangs on the doorknob. If someone tries to enter your room, the entire hotel will hear the siren.

When you leave your room, leave the radio playing to discourage devious thieves. And never leave any valuables in your room.

Select a cross-body bag that’s almost impregnable. Some of these are large enough to hold a small laptop. You can also use an anti-theft daypack. If you’re not carrying any large items, simply use a money belt, which is a great way to discourage theft. Run a Google search for these products. Lots to choose from. It’s rather like buying insurance!

For your first away-alone trip—if this is all new to you—only go a short way for a short time. This is your “experiment.” When you return, you’ll feel like a new person. You did it! Next time you’ll go further and do more. And learn that you can still have adventures at this time in your life.

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