FACTs Personality Detector Test

Congratulations on scheduling your call with Thom! Next please take a few minutes to take this fun and inspiring personality test that will help you (and Thom) get to know you better. If, for some reason, you can't take the test now, please bookmark/save this page so you can make time to come back and take the test because Thom will need it to help you on your call. Thank you! 

  • For each question, select the button next to the answer that applies the best for you
  • 1. What did you enjoy most in your career?
  • Good salary
  • 2. Why should you go to the gym?
  • Keep from getting fat
    To get fit
    Reduce stress
  • 3. If working overtime meant a promotion and a long lost friend came to town, would you...
  • Scrap the original overtime plan and spend time with your loved one
    Work the overtime as planned, and get your friend to reschedule for a better time
    Stick to your original plan, work the overtime, and try to squeeze them in
    Work half as much as you had originally planned
  • 4. Do you usually get along better with...
  • Creative imaginative people
    People with a good foundation in logic
    Logical people who have a creative side
    People who are realistic and to-the point
  • 5. Why did you go to work every day?
  • Opportunities for advancement
    Keep from getting fired
    Get out of the house
  • 6. How do you make an important life decision?
  • Based on facts and evidence
    By gut instinct and feelings
    Based on the bottom line
    By how it will balance out my life