Stress – Friend or Foe?

Aha. So, you thought that in your after-sixty years you might slow down and life might be a little easier. A little calmer. But no, these days you’re watching those days on the calendar whipping by and you’re constantly running to catch up.

And the stress… Well, let’s just say, it’s taking longer and longer to unwind when you lie down to sleep at night.

You no doubt are already aware 1. That continued stress is detrimental to your health, and 2. men handle stress much differently than women.

Let both of these facts lead you to take action and get a handle on stress. Stop allowing it to ruin your day. (And your nights.)

How do men handle stress? They go into problem-solving mode. With their more analytical minds, they almost “attack” the stress by figuring out ways to solve the problem at hand. Why not steal their modus operandi and stay healthy?

First, stop putting up with your stress. Learn to recognize it. Next,

practice going into problem-solving mode—and do it quickly.

Write out your stressor in a notebook then write out WHY it bothers you so much. (That exercise alone may show you how fruitless it is to stress over it.)

But don’t stop there. Next to it, write down possible solutions or actions to deal with the stressor. Do it point by point. Then, take the required steps to carry out your solution.

Your life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Stress is inevitable, but you can learn to deal with it and give your health and longevity a welcome boost.

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