Senior Citizen? Elderly Person? Aged?

Senior Citizen? Elderly Person? Aged?

Which term do you prefer? Oh, I get it. None of the above!

As we enter into our 2nd and 3rd acts of our lives, we have a choice. We can live in denial, or we can embrace our senior position in life and enjoy all that comes along with it.

One area that I like to emphasize for seniors is our unique position to impart wisdom and insight to those who are younger. You may feel that you’re invisible, or that you’re not being heard by the younger generation. But let’s look at a few ways in which that can be changed.

Make It a Point to Be Kind

Your opinion may not always be asked for, but when the opportunity presents itself always share in a considerate and thoughtful way. Avoid criticizing.

Lead by Example

Believe it or not, young people are watching you. They will learn by how you live, and how you act, more than what you say.

Watch for Times When You Can Offer Support

Young people can make crazy mistakes. Be available to love and encourage and support. What a privilege to guide someone back onto the right path.

Be Ready to Listen

It’s so easy to be quick to judge. But try not to. Do your best to see situations from that young person’s perspective.

Remember: It’s Their Journey—Not Yours

You have the hindsight of decades of experience. Which means you may see hardship looming from decisions that are being made. Just remember this is NOT your journey. Just remain available to support and love. They must be free to make their own choices.

No matter what term you use, you are now in a position to be the elder to someone younger. This can work to give you purpose. And purpose makes it all worthwhile.

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