Repetition and Focus

When you need to bolster your courage, when you need to get off your butt and go to work, when you need to overcome your own inertia or nervousness, repeat the following slogan to yourself over and over, making the intensity and urgency of your tone rise each time you say it until it becomes like a war cry — focus creates power! Focus creates power! Focus creates power! You’ll be up and moving!

In a sense, this is the principle that makes slogans work. By repeating the slogan over and over, you allow your mind to focus, like the sun through a magnifying glass. The sun could shine all day without changing a piece of paper lying on the ground. But use a magnifying glass to focus a lot of light on one little spot, and you’ll start to see something happen.

The most effective formula for success is: Pick one goal and think about it and work toward it all the time. Make it your Magnificent Obsession. There may be many things you want. Write them all down, but then choose one. Forget about the others for now. Choose one and make it your top priority, your most urgent daily obsession. Do this, and keep it up long enough, and success is practically guaranteed.

Use repetition of a slogan to maintain focus.

Repeat focus creates power to yourself a hundred times a day.

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