On New Year’s Resolutions and S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Heaven Hi and Happy New Year!

How has your 2020 been so far?

Today I wanted to talk about New Year’s resolutions because there’s nothing that I love more than a healthy and achievable goal. 2020 has already started but that doesn’t mean that it is too late to start or modify the goals that you have for this year.

The term “New Year’s resolution” has a bad connotation associated with it. Mainly people use it as a term which is interchangeable with “goals that I won’t be able to achieve.” Well, here’s where we will make a difference.  No more unachievable goals!

#1) Career

Goals that have to do with your professional life or your career can seem the most ambitious. These goals will often have the words “promotion”, “money”, and “owner”. However, the most thoughtful, impactful – and also difficult – goals involve the word “happy”.

Being happy at work is one of the most powerful tools you can have and will get you where you need to be. Once you find your passion at your job/career, you will find the drive that will get you that promotion and/or raise.

#2) Personal Life

When it comes to matters of the heart, it is often said that things should be left up to fate. While I believe that you can’t force love, I also believe these truths:

  1. You have to work at a relationship and nourish it in order for it to thrive.
  2. You can’t love someone else if you can’t love yourself first.
  3. Personal growth is the best way to keep a relationship from getting boring.

If you want to fall in love, become a better partner, and/or save your relationship, remember to keep these truths in your mind at all times.

#3) Health

The more common resolutions are health-related. There are achievement style resolutions (“To be able to run a 7 minute mile”) and more general resolutions (“Look good naked”, “Stop getting yelled at by my physicians”). When it comes to health-related resolutions, the biggest motivator is to make a goal that is measurable. Actively watching your progress is incredibly empowering.

#4) S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The single, most important tip that I can give you about creating goals and resolutions is to create SMART Goals:

S. Specific (Come up with goals that are specific so that you can create equally as specific game plans)

M. Measurable (Be able to collect data in order to measure how well you are doing)

A. Achievable (Choose goals that you will be able to control or are within your circle of influence)

R. Relevant (Make sure that this goal is relevant to your life and passions)

T. Time Bound/Sensitive (Come up with short term goals that can be completed within four months in order to achieve your resolution

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