Loneliness Can Be Scary—Or Not

Loneliness in the 2nd and 3rd acts of life can be a threat to those who live alone. Even a little scary. But it doesn’t have to be. Because as a woman, you are brimming over with creativity.

Keep in mind that loneliness is an emotion and it can be controlled. You have the choice of giving in to the loneliness, or setting about to overcome it.

Check out these six suggestions to help break out of the pit of loneliness.

  1. Join a club or organization which interests you.
  2. Volunteer to help others.
  3. Find some activity you enjoy—even if you’re housebound.
  4. Stay active—if not in body then in mind.
  5. Make new friends—they may not be the kinds of people you’ve been friends with in the past, but you might be surprised how well you get on with different kinds of people.
  6. Finally, talk to people! Strike up a conversation with people in queues, sitting behind you in restaurants, or at the vet’s, the garage, the supermarket. Most are happy to chat with you. Sometimes a little chat is all it takes!

I’m pretty sure you can add to this list. Just begin to brainstorm. Even that activity can displace the feelings of loneliness!

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