How Can Elders Break Old Habits and Walk a New Path?

First and foremost, I would say instead of grinding out old habits, channelize your energies toward creating new ones that are beneficial and nourishing. It will enable you to concentrate on the positive change by staying true to the life you want, rather than draining energies on getting rid of something you do not want. Gradually, breaking old habits will become a bi-product of progress towards creating your ideal senior life, as old habits will fall out because you would not need them anymore.

Here is what I did, and of course, you, my boomer juniors, and silent generation pals can do too!

What if you have never been quite active? Will starting now make any difference?

Yes. Physical activity is good for individuals of any age group. Typically, among older adults, falls are a common reason for injury and disability. You can prevent that through an appropriate physical activity for old age to make your bones and muscles stronger. Also, it will revitalize your brain.

For the majority of people, walking is one of the most convenient activities to do. Fitness experts suggest at least half an hour of physical activity on every alternate day of the week, but you do not have to do all of it at once. Try walking for 10-15 minutes twice a day, or for 8-10 minutes thrice each day.

Alternatively, you can try dancing or gardening. Go swimming or fishing. Moreover, yoga or Tai chi are examples of other types of activity for old age that are worth investing time to learn and practice.

Focus on prevention

You can break the old habit of being your own doctor by regularly visiting your practitioner. It is because having frequent doctor appointments at a senior age to check on health aspects such as heart problems, cholesterol, and blood pressure, can alert you of problems early on, making them more manageable.

Embrace Technology.

This is quite straightforward! I am 79 years old, so naturally, I did not grow up tweeting about the WWII. I thought typewriter was the most significant thing ever for people fond of writing. However, I learned, and today my social pages are brimming with digital vibrancy. Remember, you boomers, and especially the silent generation people, technology is here to stay, and you have to embrace it.

According to the comedian, Dan Nainan;

“Older folks stand to benefit the most. They can keep in touch through email, Skype and so forth. Also, older folks can learn a lot about health conditions and medications on the Internet.”

Surround oneself with a positive social circle

Irrespective of your age, the social aspect of your life is critical to the quality of your being. It is because compassionate friends are necessary for your emotional health, and they can assist you to get through difficult phases and problems. Moreover, research reveals that senior Americans who are connected with their respective communities suffer from fewer health problems and maintain good health.

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