Here Is How Your Old Age Can Turn Into Gold Age

Every stage of life has its own perks, however, the ‘golden age’ has some truly amazing ones. When you reach this age, nothing should be able to keep you from smiling and being your true self. Having courageously toiled through the various struggles of life, you have all the right to live these golden years according to your wishes. Here is how you can turn your old age into gold age with the perks that accompany it:


Now that you have all the extra time, you can travel to all the various places you always wanted to. There are also some amazing discounts available for the elderly. (See, being old is not so bad after all!) These discounts are for the holiday packages, hotel packages and various other services as well. Travelling will also take your mind off things, as you get to meet new people and experience new things.


Just because you are 62 does not mean you cannot go shopping like you used to when you were young. Shopping has been proved to take mind off things. Furthermore, just like the travel packages, there are numerous outlets that offer discounts to senior citizens as well. Kohl’s has 15% off, Clarks offers 10 % off, Food Lion also has 6 % off only on Mondays. These are only a few of the stores. You can call your favorite store to find out about their pricing policy.

Social Security

Let us talk about something that all of us wait for when we age: the numerous different Social Security reimbursements. Even though the complete retirement age has been set to be 66 years old, when one turns 62 they become eligible for 75% of the entire benefits. This is because of getting your reimbursements 48 months earlier. Nevertheless, this would also mean more income with less time which you actually have to spend at work. You will be allowed to work part-time and can even earn at least $16,450 and still receive all your social security benefits. Is this not a really amazing way to transit into complete retirement?

Dine Out

There are various different restaurants that offer numerous discounts to the clients who are aged at 62 or above. For instance, Sonic, Arby’s, White Castle, Denny’s, Culver’s, and numerous other eateries offer 10% off. Some restaurants have special days when they offer special discounts, whilst others have them accessible daily. Undeniably, you will be able to receive the AARP discounts various different types if you are a member.

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