Happy New Year Motivation & Direction

As the new year is upon us, it’s so important to take time for yourself to reflect back on the past year with positivity on what DID happen for you.

It’s also a time to set new goals that are attainable for 2020.

It all begins with attitude. Your attitude has a profound impact on the quality of your life. It can make or break you. Your reactions to events that happen in your life are far more important than the actual events. You can not change the past or predict the future. Challenges will continue to occur in your life. The only thing you have complete control over each and every day is your attitude. (A) Your attitude about yourself is the perfect place to start. Each of us is born with unlimited potential. You self esteem is a function of the continuity between your beliefs & values and your actions. Act with integrity. Create a style.

Create balance in your life. Too much of anything is not healthy. Your lifestyle plan should include moving in a positive direction mentally, physically and spiritually. Positive actions become habits with consistent repetition. Strive to  master yourself, your emotions, and you mind set. Form good habits and become addicted to them. Take a few minutes each day to relax and reduce stress. Establish exercises to work on.

Put at least one-hour aside each day to study. Always continue to learn. Exercise and eat properly to help produce the energy needed to take action. Delay temporary gratification for long term success. Don’t procrastinate, just do it! (Nike) Create a sense of the highest urgency. Organize your personal and professional life.

Surround yourself with positive, optimistic people because it creates the atmosphere you need to achieve. You will get what you need by helping others get what they want. Effective communication with others is critical. Love and respect yourself and others every day. Teamwork and cooperation is essential. Encourage creativity within boundaries. Try not to condemn, complain or criticize. Find out what interests others. Express appreciation for others and make them feel important. Be sincere and enthusiastic. Always be honest and true. Make the most of your talents and abilities. Keep developing and striving for excellence. Gain a reputation of good character. Give from your heart and it will always come back to you ten fold. Give back to others in greater need.

Time is you most precious commodity it is never behind. How you positively and constructively budget your time will have a great impact on your success. A daily calendar is a must. There are daily planners/organizers available that are developed specifically for our business.

Life can, at times, get a bit overwhelming. When it does its okay to take a break and rest, but never quit. Go punch a pillow, cream, cry, pray, meditate or talk with someone who cares. After you rebound get back to it. Almost all successful and happy people have experienced many painful failures until they realized that there are no failures only outcomes. Persist. Be courageous. Be determined. Always maintain a sense of humor. Take time to live love and laugh.

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