Grey – Yea or Nay

While you can’t do all that much about wrinkles and saggy skin, when it comes to hair color, women in the 2nd and 3rd acts of life feel they have control. Many started coloring away that grey before they even reached the 60-year mark. I mean, it’s so easy. Right there on the drug store shelf. Or your beautician can change your color in one quick appointment.

Now, it seems, the question is, “Shall I go back to the grey?” What will be the determining factor?

Returning to your natural color can have a few benefits. The first of which would be dollars spent. You can save that money spent for hair color (whether you do it yourself, or pay your beautician) and spend it elsewhere.

Then there’s the time and the hassle. Of course, you’re still taking good care of your hair, but definitely with less bother by choosing not to color.

Some women over 60 feel their grey hair makes a strong statement for their boldness of facing the aging process with courage and confidence. “Look at me; no fear here.”

Also, there’s the point of the different color tones of grey. For some, they may have a beautiful glowing white/grey, which can be strikingly beautiful. Others look at their grey and only see a washed-out, greyed dishwater blond. Who wants that?

Bottom line—and the beauty of the entire issue—is that the choice is totally yours. You’re free to cover that grey. In fact, you can go bright red, if that’s what trips your trigger.

Grey—yea or nay? Do what you love, and do it with style and pizzazz!

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