Could You Write Your Memoir?

Of course, we all know we’re not supposed to live in the past. Living in the past often means we’ve not let go of old hurts and wounds. But guess what? There’s a way to visit the past and make it memorable. How? By writing a short memoir.

I know. I hear you. “I’m not a writer.” “I can’t write.” But that’s not the point.

Catharsis. Gratitude. Completion. Redemption. All of these can be woven into the experience of writing out past experiences. In truth, the best way to move forward is to develop a healthy relationship with your past.

You don’t have to write a book (unless you want to). Begin with one broad brushstroke of an event. What stands out to you in the past? From childhood? From early adulthood? The later years? It doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event. It might hinge on something very small—seemingly insignificant—event. Don’t discount it. Write about it.

Perhaps you will want to record it first, then write out what you have spoken. Hearing yourself speak can pave the way for the writing. Try it and see.

Think about your own family members who have passed on. How special would it be if you could read their memoirs and learn their thoughts and feelings?

Now you can do that for your family members! With your very own memoir!

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