Changing the Perception of Millennials towards Baby Boomers

Today’s 18-to-29-year-olds are clinging so tightly to the information they have within their disposal, about Baby Boomers. In my own opinion, I believe they have been fed with more negatives than positives, thanks to the conflicts over gender, sexuality, and race that were characteristic of the 1960s—and have come to bear in every national election in their lifetime.

Millennials have watched their parents (who are mostly Baby Boomers) spend over 20 years in jobs they hated, and only suddenly realized they shouldn’t have been at it in the first place, or wished they got out of it 10 years ago. The same parents that advised them, time and time over again to work hard and climb the corporate ladder so they can enjoy retirement.

That alone sends out the wrong signal, which further fuels the already negative perception they have about Baby Boomers. So would it be healthy for this negative perception to continue? Can it be changed?

This mass stereotyping shouldn’t be allowed to go on. We can begin to see things from a different perspective, like trying to understand this older generation and what they can offer, rather than blame them for the failures of the past. They may have goofed off and their ideas may be outdated in our technology-driven world, but that does not mean they can’t still contribute meaningfully to the present economy.

As painful as most of us may feel for the economic woes, they caused us, we can’t obviously ship them all off to an island. Our best bet is to understand and view them in the perspective of what they have done well; but I’m optimistic that the next generation of leaders won’t make the same mistakes.

Let’s not continue to be the armchair critics of these fuddy-duddy Boomers; let’s focus on what they have done right and build on it, that way, we will be engendering a peaceful coexistence for a better economy and a brighter tomorrow.

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