Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

If you have grandchildren, or if you hang around the younger generation for any time at all, you’ve seen how they celebrate. Whether it’s a soccer game win, or a birthday celebration, or the play in which they got the starring role. Some kids even celebrate their half-birthday.

So ask yourself: when did you stop celebrating? Do you feel it just doesn’t matter anymore? No big deal? Not worth the trouble? Sounds too braggy?

I have a friend who had a file folder full of certificates for different wins and achievements. She heard someone speak of what they called their “wall of fame.” A lightbulb went on. She went out, purchased a bunch of inexpensive picture frames. She framed all those certificates and hung them on her office wall. It was her very own celebration.

What about you? Do you continually celebrate the achievements of others, but reluctant to talk about and celebrate your own? If so, it’s time to change.

You make a goals list, right? (If not, you should!) How are you celebrating when you reach those goals?

I hear you—you’re not!

Time to change.

Create your own way to celebrate. Either a special treat just for you, or call your support group and celebrate together.

Either way, just do it. Celebrate!

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