Here Is How Your Old Age Can Turn Into Gold Age

Every stage of life has its own perks, however, the ‘golden age’ has some truly amazing ones. When you reach this age, nothing should be able to keep you from smiling and being your true self. Having courageously toiled through the various struggles of life, you have all the right to live these golden years according to your wishes. Here is how you can turn your old age into gold age with the perks that accompany it:


Now that you have all the extra time, you can travel to all the various places you always wanted to. There are also some amazing discounts available for the elderly. (See, being old is not so bad after all!) These discounts are for the holiday packages, hotel packages and various other services as well. Travelling will also take your mind off things, as you get to meet new people and experience new things.


Just because you are 62 does not mean you cannot go shopping like you used to when you were young. Shopping has been proved to take mind off things. Furthermore, just like the travel packages, there are numerous outlets that offer discounts to senior citizens as well. Kohl’s has 15% off, Clarks offers 10 % off, Food Lion also has 6 % off only on Mondays. These are only a few of the stores. You can call your favorite store to find out about their pricing policy.

Social Security

Let us talk about something that all of us wait for when we age: the numerous different Social Security reimbursements. Even though the complete retirement age has been set to be 66 years old, when one turns 62 they become eligible for 75% of the entire benefits. This is because of getting your reimbursements 48 months earlier. Nevertheless, this would also mean more income with less time which you actually have to spend at work. You will be allowed to work part-time and can even earn at least $16,450 and still receive all your social security benefits. Is this not a really amazing way to transit into complete retirement?

Dine Out

There are various different restaurants that offer numerous discounts to the clients who are aged at 62 or above. For instance, Sonic, Arby’s, White Castle, Denny’s, Culver’s, and numerous other eateries offer 10% off. Some restaurants have special days when they offer special discounts, whilst others have them accessible daily. Undeniably, you will be able to receive the AARP discounts various different types if you are a member.

  • December 23, 2019

Grey – Yea or Nay

While you can’t do all that much about wrinkles and saggy skin, when it comes to hair color, women in the 2nd and 3rd acts of life feel they have control. Many started coloring away that grey before they even reached the 60-year mark. I mean, it’s so easy. Right there on the drug store shelf. Or your beautician can change your color in one quick appointment.

Now, it seems, the question is, “Shall I go back to the grey?” What will be the determining factor?

Returning to your natural color can have a few benefits. The first of which would be dollars spent. You can save that money spent for hair color (whether you do it yourself, or pay your beautician) and spend it elsewhere.

Then there’s the time and the hassle. Of course, you’re still taking good care of your hair, but definitely with less bother by choosing not to color.

Some women over 60 feel their grey hair makes a strong statement for their boldness of facing the aging process with courage and confidence. “Look at me; no fear here.”

Also, there’s the point of the different color tones of grey. For some, they may have a beautiful glowing white/grey, which can be strikingly beautiful. Others look at their grey and only see a washed-out, greyed dishwater blond. Who wants that?

Bottom line—and the beauty of the entire issue—is that the choice is totally yours. You’re free to cover that grey. In fact, you can go bright red, if that’s what trips your trigger.

Grey—yea or nay? Do what you love, and do it with style and pizzazz!

  • December 20, 2019

Unbelievable Ways to Remain Active after Your Retirement

Aging is a natural process which is inevitable. But, you do have control over what your attitude is going to be towards aging.

Get rid of all the toxic people in your life

You have the ultimate choice about who you want to spend your time with. Surround yourself with positive people. Let the positive vibes effect you. Remaining happy should be your first priority. When we grow old, there are a lot of different things we start thinking about. Most of which are negative. So, it is important to surround yourself with positive people.

Revive Youthful Passions

Rekindle your curiosity in hobbies which you enjoyed when you were young. When you finally retire, you have all the time in the world to explore new adventures.

Take me for example, since I’ve turned eighty, I’ve become known in the neighborhood as Mr. BBQ.

Stay Positive. ALWAYS!

There might be many activates you cannot do anymore. So it is very important that you focus on only those which you can. Look for opportunities to laugh, find humor in everyday situations. Refrain from complaining and being resentful all the time. It is easy to be bitter, but you should try to find the positives in every situation. Be kind, thankful and gracious. We all know aging is not an easy process, but keep in mind how lucky we are as many never have the privalege of getting old.

Stay Active

Make time in your life for low key sports, for instance, golf, biking, swimming, or bowling. Although it might seem difficult in the beginning, you should go on a thirty-minute walk daily. Join some clubs. Go on outings with friends. Meet new people. Experience new things. Try out restaurants. Visit museums. Do everything you might not have had the chance to do during your working years.

Make New Friends With People Of All Ages

You may be surprised to see how much younger people enjoy the company of older people. They are more concerned about your personality than your age. As we grow older, we too crave the bright energy of youngsters around us.

  • December 20, 2019

Have You Exercised Your Brain Today?

Everywhere you look you see articles, blogs, ads, encouraging all of us in the over 60 crowd to exercise. And for good reason. It’s important to keep your body active and moving. But, what about your brain? Your brain needs a few sit-ups as well.

Had you ever thought about ways to exercise your brain? If not, now’s a great time to begin. Don’t be one of those who daily feasts your mind on drivel—same old TV shows, same old social media stuff, same old conversations with the same people. Stretch your brain to improve its flexibility and its ability to regenerate lost cells.

Where to start? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Do Problem-Solving Puzzles

This might include a sudoku or crossword puzzle book. Start with the easy ones and work up to the more difficult.

  1. Do Things Differently to Break Brain Patterns

Switch up your routines. Drive a different route to your daily destination. Make those brain cells stretch.

  1. Memorize Something Simple

Do you like affirmation statements? I do. Why not memorize one a day for a week? Your brain will love it—your emotions will too.

  1. Do Something Creative

This list is endless: Sew, knit, draw, write a poem, arrange flowers, create a greeting card for a friend.

  1. Try Something New

What would you like to try that you have not tried? Do it today and stretch those brain cells.

By exercising your brain, you’ll continue to be alert, aware, and in the moment. Go for it!

  • December 19, 2019

Travel Alone; Travel Safe

For whatever reason, you are now alone. In your “other life” you always had someone with whom you could travel. Those days—at least for the time being—are over. Don’t waste time whining and wishing things were different.

You want to travel, but you have fears about traveling alone? Think about it this way. All of the things you fear that could happen on a trip, could very well happen right in your own neighborhood. So cast the fears away and go have fun.

Here are a few tips for ensuring your safety.

Getting robbed is a common fear at any age. But realize that you have already left most of your valuables at home. So simply protect what little you’ve taken with you.

Secure your hotel room. When inside use a simple alarm system. It can be as simple as sticking a plastic wedge under the door, or as sophisticated as a portable door handle alarm. The door alarm hangs on the doorknob. If someone tries to enter your room, the entire hotel will hear the siren.

When you leave your room, leave the radio playing to discourage devious thieves. And never leave any valuables in your room.

Select a cross-body bag that’s almost impregnable. Some of these are large enough to hold a small laptop. You can also use an anti-theft daypack. If you’re not carrying any large items, simply use a money belt, which is a great way to discourage theft. Run a Google search for these products. Lots to choose from. It’s rather like buying insurance!

For your first away-alone trip—if this is all new to you—only go a short way for a short time. This is your “experiment.” When you return, you’ll feel like a new person. You did it! Next time you’ll go further and do more. And learn that you can still have adventures at this time in your life.

  • December 18, 2019

7 Easy Ways to Think Positive and Change Your Life

Positive thinking can add so much to your life – and now we know that positive thinking can add years to your life. When you think positive you get rid of stress and tend to live a healthier life and make better choices. If you’re naturally a negative thinker, there are ways you can change that thinking and get on the path to a life-changing way of thinking.

If you really want to begin to think positively and change your life for the better, look at the following ways you can incorporate into your own lifestyle:

  1. Be responsible for your thoughts. No one can tell you what to think or controls how you react to your thinking. When you begin to take responsibility for your thoughts, you’ll face the reality of what they’re doing to or for you and be more able to change those negative thoughts.
  2. Plan to think positively. So many of our thoughts come from the subconscious mind. When you plan to think positively, you won’t be as apt to take what you’re thinking as reality. Instead, you have the time and opportunity to think it over and come to the conclusion that reflects the reality of the situation.
  3. Avoid negative people. Negative people can ruin your best laid plans to think positively. They can feed the fire of self-doubt and anxiety. It can sometimes be classified as a crowd-mentality, so don’t fall prey to it. Think for yourself.
  4. Write down your thoughts. It’s helpful if you can see at the end of the day what your thoughts have been. For awhile, take the time to write them down. You’ll see what went wrong with your thoughts and be able to improve them.
  5. Consider the repercussions. For example, if you have a deadline for an assignment and it becomes clear that you’re not going to meet it, consider what might happen. If you finish it on time, it won’t be as good as you wanted. If you take more time, it may cause other problems. Also, consider solutions. For example, you could ask for an extension to the deadline.
  6. Minimize catastrophic thinking. Rather than thinking the worst about a situation, try to minimize it and lower your anxiety level by being practical about it. If you’re susceptible to those thoughts, avoid situations (such as television news) that might cause you anxious thinking.
  7. Live for the moment. When you spend too much time trying to guess or analyze the future, you’ll convince yourself of failure – especially if you’ve failed in the past. If you think you’ll fail, you probably will.

Accept the reality that you can control your thoughts. You’ll become more empowered to face stressful situations in your life and to change the way you think. It will become easier to maintain a positive attitude the more you practice thinking positively.

  • December 18, 2019

Travel Light – Simplify Your Luggage

Are you a novice traveler? Perhaps you used to travel, but haven’t for a while. Now you want to get back into the adventure of travel. If so, you may need to rethink the idea of luggage. Remember those ads from the bygone days featuring matching luggage? Matching luggage was striking, classy, and stylish, but in today’s world—not practical.

For some, it’s difficult to imagine minimal packing, but believe me it is possible. Veteran travelers can attest to the fact. Just leave your need for fashion at home.

Begin with a travel daypack that will hold all your essentials. Do your research and select a daypack for comfort and durability. For instance, look for those padded straps for comfort. Here’s your change of clothes, a few toiletries, water bottle, even your laptop, if necessary. Most daypacks will fit under the airline seat.

Next, you’ll want a carry-on that will fit in the plane’s overhead compartment. Because airlines are currently charging high fees for luggage, your carry-on will reduce luggage fees, and will speed up your exit from the airport.

You may not have thought about security; however, would-be thieves look for travelers with excess luggage. It appears they’re carrying lots of valuables. With your daypack and carryon, you will avoid that wealthy appearance.

Flex your minimal-luggage muscles with a short trip and experiment. Make it a challenge. Just how little can you carry and still have an enjoyable travel adventure? Well, try it and see!

  • December 17, 2019

Are You the Quintessential People Pleaser

You had plans. But the kids called last minute. They need you to watch the baby. You love your kids. You love your grandchild. Who can say no, right?

Well you could. Unless, of course you’re the quintessential people pleaser.

This is a sticky wicket for those of us past 60—in the 2nd and 3rd acts of life. Women are, by nature, people pleasers and caregivers. We spend a lifetime putting other’s needs above our own.

When the leader of the organization you volunteer with calls to ask you to serve on a committee, stop a minute and ask yourself. Will say yes simply because you fear what people will think about you?

Do you have a pushy friend who always make the plans for your events and you never have a say? But you don’t want to cross her? After all, she is your friend.

Let this be a new day. This is your life. When learning not to be a people pleaser, you’re not being selfish or unkind, you’re just being you. But beware—this may come as a shock to those around you.

It’s time to create your own boundaries—your parameters. Stop being a people pleaser. You only have one life to live. And never forget—it is your life, not theirs.

  • December 16, 2019

5 Ways to Conquer the Retirement Blues

You’ve crossed the finish line: your children are out starting their own lives, you’ve retired from that job you had a hate-love relationship with, you’re ready… for what? After all, you now have 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year, years to fill. So, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Humans are, after all, creatures of habit there’s always an adjustment period when adapting to a new normal. Here are five ways to help you build the retirement of your dreams and rekindle with the you who has always been young at heart:

Take a stroll down memory lane

But not to reminiscence about the good old days. We’re doing this to uncover all the things you used to enjoy. If you wrote diaries or journals, look back to passages you wrote years ago. Go through emails, birthday cards, letters and yearbooks. Then, start writing down lists of things you’ve always wanted to do, things you used to love doing and things you’ve always been passionate about. Here are some sample lists to help you get started:

  • Countries to explore
  • Classes to enroll in
  • Foods to try out
  • People to reach out to

Don’t forget to add items that are relevant to you today and to take off those that no longer interest you.Then, pick a few items from each of those lists and add them to the following lists:

  • To accomplish today
  • To accomplish next week
  • To accomplish next month
  • To accomplish this year

I recommend putting these lists in prominent places around your home so that they guide you in accomplishing the retirement of your dreams.

Write a To-Do-NOW list

It might sound corny but bucket lists are a good place to get creative and write everything & anything you’d love to get done. Feel free to uncensor yourself and let loose. Being retired means freeing yourself of past obligations and becoming responsible of your life, of what you want to accomplish. Here are a couple of questions that can get your list started:

What are the craziest things I’ve ever wanted to do?

What have I said “if only ____” to and can now accomplish?

Where have I always wanted to go or go back to?

Who do I want to spend more time with and doing what?

My friend/brother/cousin did _____ and I would really love to do that too.

Always remember to sprinkle a bit of I-have-to-add-this-to-the-list and you’re ready to get the ball rolling.

Connecting with loved ones

Babysitting your granddaughter, sipping wine on your cousin’s patio, bringing your wife to a fancy restaurant, calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages… all these meaningful interactions are just a conversation, a phone call, an email away. All those relationships you had to put on the back burner are now ready to be seasoned and prepared, delectable morsels of sunshine, laughs and memories just waiting to be made. Sometimes, we automatically assume that others are just too busy to be in our lives but everyone could afford to spend a little more time together. It just needs to be one person that makes the first move!

Branching out to other generations

Now, this may sound cliche but younger generations need you. They need to hear your experiences, they need your genuine help, your guidance, your advice. You name it, you can pay it forward. I recommend looking for organizations you would like to volunteer for. Create a ritual to call your daughter every Monday night. You can also choose to start an appreciation journal. This can help anchor you in a state of gratitude that you can share with others. Remember: what comes around goes around.

Connect with other retirees

Now this is about reconnecting with friends, past friends, acquaintances, the like. Find others who understand your situation, who understand what you’re going through and those who have questions you might be able to answer. Like the saying goes, two heads are better than one so do work with the like-minded. Also get in touch with people that will challenge you to think outside the box, people who have led different lifestyles and have different life experiences. Build a circuit of friends that know what you’re going through and can help you bring your retirement to the next level.

Do the things you’ve always done

Sometimes, there’s just no point in reinventing the wheel. Do what you love and find what you loved of your job in other places. Love painting? Take up lessons at a local gallery. Mesmerized by nature? Go on hikes in national parks. If you’re Canadian, national park passes are free this year. Always wanted to try something? Go for it: everyone’s afraid to do what they love but only those who dare to do so can reap the rewards.

My last words of counsel: picture the person you want to be and work towards being that person. It is never too late to lose weight, to pick up a new instrument, to travel, to fall in love all over again. You are at a crossroads in the great journey of life: just look to your inner compass and dare to go where your heart leads you. Wishing you safe – and the best of – travels!

  • December 16, 2019

Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

If you have grandchildren, or if you hang around the younger generation for any time at all, you’ve seen how they celebrate. Whether it’s a soccer game win, or a birthday celebration, or the play in which they got the starring role. Some kids even celebrate their half-birthday.

So ask yourself: when did you stop celebrating? Do you feel it just doesn’t matter anymore? No big deal? Not worth the trouble? Sounds too braggy?

I have a friend who had a file folder full of certificates for different wins and achievements. She heard someone speak of what they called their “wall of fame.” A lightbulb went on. She went out, purchased a bunch of inexpensive picture frames. She framed all those certificates and hung them on her office wall. It was her very own celebration.

What about you? Do you continually celebrate the achievements of others, but reluctant to talk about and celebrate your own? If so, it’s time to change.

You make a goals list, right? (If not, you should!) How are you celebrating when you reach those goals?

I hear you—you’re not!

Time to change.

Create your own way to celebrate. Either a special treat just for you, or call your support group and celebrate together.

Either way, just do it. Celebrate!

  • December 13, 2019