Have you ever noticed when people say “To tell you the truth, “May I be honest with you” or maybe you are saying this yourself. What does that mean? That sometimes your honest and sometimes your not?

Nothing makes you more vulnerable than your refusal to be honest with yourself. 

Watch this video and find out if your dealing with SELF-HONESTY


Through the peaks and valleys of my colorful life, I have learned an underlying truth that now guides me in my pursuits as an almost 80-year-old Senior. But to be honest with you, I did not always follow such a strong guidepost. I learned it the hard way while dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. There was not much help along the way, until I started being honest with myself. And that’s the truth.

It always starts with the self, because our suffering arises from the unknown, unfelt, resisted parts of our mind. This narrative explores the way us older folks, the silent generation and Generation Y, and even youngsters can intensify self-honesty and reattach to a wholeness of being, that empowers us to live with certainty, love, confidence, and wisdom.

Throughout history, deception has been an abstract survival strategy. However, like all survival strategies, when trickery turns into a habit and is not primarily about survival, it forestalls our continuing growth. For all of us, who are not honest with ourselves or abstain essential truths from others, we only evolve in an illusion. After many years of trying about everything to get through an individual’s defenses, the effective way I know to handle such an impasse, is to ask them: “When you honestly and vulnerably look into your heart, what truth or demons do you find there?”

The rationale for this approach is that no logic is going to get another (or 99% of people) to see the proverbial light when they have an emotional affinity with the facts that counterpunch their present framework of reality. It is called cognitive dissonance which is an inability to comprehend what nullifies current knowledge, often because it is just too shuddery to turn one’s world upside down with fresh insights.

The reality is that very few people have the guts to be their own skeptic. An aging Senior or a silent generation representative finding it challenging to come to terms with self-honesty may consider the cinematic example of Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day (1993). In the movie, the character Phil is fated to relive the same day over and over again until he gets it right.

Remember, self-honesty signifies recognizing your shadow, acknowledging it as a part of you and that it does not, by any means, weaken your inner light. Moreover, self-honesty is complemented by empathy for yourself, and by understanding, acceptance, and kindness towards yourself.

Furthermore, self-honesty compels you to take a long hard look at your evolution in time, examining what you have learned and how you have developed by comparing your present self with your past one.

I am a 79-year-old Senior and believe you me; I still have my doubt just like everyone else in the world. I still cling onto the feelings of wanting to be loved and wanting to be respected by everyone I meet. However, I now realize that it does not work that way and that when you shine the light of honesty on your character, the real you will emerge! And thats the honest truth.

Now Show your truth and pass it on!

And remember to drink from the SAY-A fountain of youth! Your mind


This audio is a part of the SAYA series for baby boomers. Thom McFadden is your personal coach for beating AGEISM. Seniors can now Look, ACT, Feel years younger. Stop Acting Your Age, even if you are retired. Life is just beginning!

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