The Olden “GOLDEN” RULE!



Before beginning, let me congratulate all my boomers, silent generation buddies, and any elderly reading. You, my friend, are living in the golden age of aging. According to the research of Linkoping University in “Sweden, as you grow older, your lifestyle choices become more critical to your physical, psychological, and cognitive health. They revealed that by 2050 there would be close to 3.2 million people aged over 100. 18 times as many as at the turn of millennia. 

Therefore, its time to stop acting your age. I would recommend, and start adding golden lining to your older age. Here is how you can do it;

A quick way of doing it is by putting a “g” in front of old. However, I am afraid that will not give you anything other than few social media likes. The good news is that today, the majority of those who have journeyed beyond half of a century, are relishing the time of their lives. It is because they have the peace of mind of having paid-up their mortgage, got the kids off their hands, and are simply enjoying being able to spend more time with their loved-ones.


As per medical research, under-eating slightly in the shape of limited calorie intake is beneficial in the older age as we are engineered to withstand periods of shortage of food. Therefore, presuming that you are reasonably fit and your diet includes the necessary minerals, vitamins and proteins then your intake should not exceed about 1,800 calories as a man, and 1,500 as a woman. Nonetheless, a more practical approach is adopting a Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables, grains, nuts, olive oil, fish, and a moderate intake of wine, and a small consumption of red meat.


Many boomers today are neglecting the effects of stopping work: the inadequacy of income, communication and a sense of purpose. Therefore, use retirement as an opportunity to do something new such as traveling, going to A university, doing charity work, or something you have never done before. It;s because, the majority of us can expect to live to at least 80, and so there still are 15 years to fill with something novel.


According to psychological research, not being lonely alleviates the chances of developing depression and acute ailments. Since the onset of the 21st-Century, the number of 55 to 64-year-olds living all by themselves has increased by 50% and close to one million older people can go a complete month without seeing anyone in person. Therefore, keep in touch with friends and family, join groups or clubs, meet neighbors and build friendships. Lastly, a fantastic activity for old age is to embrace the novelty of internet beyond Facebook. For example, you can launch a YouTube channel related to your professional and life experiences just like I have here.


As per behavioral studies, people aged 65 and above spend 10 hours a day sitting or lying down, making them the most inactive age group. Alternatively, another study found that gym visits peaked at the age of 65 and senior boomers make on average 20 trips or more to the gym every year than their younger Generation Y or Z counterparts. 

Therefore, start by taking a casual stroll down the lane, and also say hi to Judith, whom you have been meaning to ask out for ages!

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Always remember to Look young, Act young and Feel young.
And don’t be afraid to drink from the fountain of youth - Your mind.
Mark Savage

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