Super Adult Discounts You May Not Know About

SAYA Super senior

SAYA Super senior

BUY, BUY, buy

It’s time to shop, shop and spend util you drop! What does it all mean? This is a marketers dream! As we head into the holidays we can beat these marketers at their own game. Buy being a sharp shooter… I mean shopper!

Remember in my post I mentioned that in the UK the “Senior” discounts has been renamed the “Super Adult” discount. So that’s what I’m going to call us in this video.

Now you may already know that we get discounts off restaurant menus almost anywhere we eat, but did you know there are a lot more? These could really help with our budget too.

Here are some Super Adult Discounts:

Groceries - Did you know some grocery stores offer discounts to Super Adults? Discounts vary between 5 – 10% and sometimes only on certain days of the week. A few places even have grocery delivery services available as well.

Drugstores – Some drugstores offer discounts and even can be up to 20% off store purchases that don’t count prescriptions. A bonus tip - some drugstores sell some stuff, like milk, at a lower price than the local grocery store so you can save even more money.

Auto Insurance – Many super adults don’t realize that you can save a lot on your car insurance. It varies by company and you may want to shop around again, but it’s worth it. For example, The Hartford’s AARP insurance program claims the average savings on their senior program is about $400. That’s a lot of money!! Especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Traveling – Various carriers offer super adult discounts – such as Amtrak with a 15% discount off the lowest available fare; some airlines have a super adult discount for all their fares – you just need to request it while booking (this is usually about 10%); and public transportation has discounts usually about 50% off the regular fare and some cities like Chicago offer super adults free rides so check with your city.

Banks – Many banks offer discounts on their account fees as well as offer free checks, travel checks and other services. Some even offer free services such as faxing and photocopying.

Shopping – Many retail stores offer discounts even though they’re not stated anywhere. The most common discounts are about 10 – 15% off while stores like Joss & Main offer up to 70% off.

Services – Various services you use offer discounts as well. One example is Midas Auto Service with a 10% discount; many phone companies have reduced plans; and many utility companies for electric, gas, heat offer deductions for us as well.

Don’t forget that even if there’s no display of a Super Adult Discount, just go ahead and ask for one, you’re Super and deserve it!

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