EXERCISE MOVE YOUR BODY By Thom Mcfadden: Say A Babyboomer Senior Years

When I was 3 years old my mother and father divorced leaving my mother as a single mom raising my older brother and me. We had to move in with my grandmother, who everybody called MaMa Lake.

She said that my father fell in love with long-distance and hopefully one day he would return and show us how much he loved us. He didn’t do that for many many years, so I was raised by women, my mother and “Mama Lake” who showed me life in a way that I would have never experienced if I hadn’t had her as my guide. For her 85th birthday, I flew her out to Hollywood to stay for a month.

She had never flown on an airplane, nor had she been more than a hundred miles from her little farm. She worked selling eggs and butter and doing farm chores. She was not dazzled by Hollywood. She kept herself busy by taking care of me.

On a night when the guys were playing poker at my house. She was in the kitchen making hot water cornbread and blackeyed peas, one of the guys said “You know MaMa Lake, You can’t find a woman who can bake a cake or make an apple pie anymore. ”She looked him straight in the eye and said, “I know honey, but you can’t find a man that can plow 40 acres either!”

That Sage advice from Mama Lake was over 50 years ago. Boy times have changed now, If you would like a cake or cherry pie you just pick it up at the bakery or if you’re hungry and you would like hot meals you just call the restaurant and you have Uber deliver it. Almost incomprehensibly the great problem of our time is overindulgence & idleness.

In short, we have adopted a lifestyle which for people designed as we were designed is nothing less especially in retirement is a disease more deadly than cancer war or plague we live longer because of modern medicine but many of us live wretchedly and many of us die much younger than we should. The point of “Stop Acting Your Age Is that we have to learn to cure ourselves, in the midst of all this plenty we will live and prematurely die in unnecessary pain.

So how do we choose between older and younger? We are not going to become hunter-gatherers again.

The take-home message is simple. Everything you do physically, everything you eat, everything you think and feel, every emotion and experience changes your body and your brain in physical ways that were set in stone eons ago.

Physical exercise and involvement in life trigger Great Waves of “growth” messages throughout your body and mind. If you send the right messages. Now, some of you may disagree with these numbers, but I feel we all have several billion years of evolution and trillions of ancestors on your side, sending out primitive messages by the billions, making you stronger, more agile, smarter…. better able to take Hard Knocks. Now, I may be off a few billion years, But we were hunters and gathers and we could plow 40 acres!

Exercise is the only way to engage your body and your physical brain, if you do it, you will get “younger”. Not completely, but to an astonishing degree.


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Always remember to feel young, think young, ACT young.

And don’t be afraid to drink from the fountain of youth – Your mind.

Mark Savage

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