Keep Your Eyes on the PRIZE! By Thom McFadden Senior B Bopper Citizen

What did I come in here For?


One morning I was staring out the kitchen window wondering why did I come in here for? Then I heard the toaster pop,


“Oh! Toast!”


Yeah, that’s how quickly I’ve forgotten. We’re going to realize that this will happen more and more often.


There are several neat ways to improve our attention and focus that you may not have heard of and I’ll share them with you:




Keep everything organized, everything should have its own place and kept there every time. The worse lie we tell ourselves “I won’t need to write that down”. Have calendars or planners, sticky notes if you want, or get a voice recorder to tape small reminders you thought of at that moment to transfer to the calendar later.


Use it or Lose it


Keep your brain active and give yourself a mental workout – read, do crosswords, play chess or other games, and any other mental stimulating activity. Challenge the grandkids to a card game, board game, or even a video game.


Stay Healthy


This is a no brainer for us to stay healthy overall, but it does help with memory health. Sleeping well, exercising, avoiding stress, and eating such brain-boosting foods such as avocados, blueberries, broccoli and other green leafy vegetables and taking a ginko biloba supplement helps with memorizing and focusing.


Stay socialized


As I have mentioned in many previous posts, staying social is awesome for us, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you’re socializing with your peers, teaching others, learning something new, and the like – socializing helps keep up your memory retention and recall rates.




Now I saved the best for last – drinking wine. Drinking wine moderately actually can help ward of memory loss and other degenerative diseases because of one ingredient – resveratrol. Now don’t worry if you don’t drink or don’t like wine you can get a tablet alterative instead.


Now there’s a lot of “self-help” books that can give you a bunch of repetitive steps to do every day to help “strengthen” your brain, but I’m not into that. Just the simple fact of eating and sleeping well, exercising – both physically and mentally, having a good social life and keeping everything organized with calendars, notes and reminders should help you stay at your best focus and memory game.

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