A Little Help From my Friends

A Little Help From my Friends

We all might be familiar with this Beatles song and the lyrics “Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends, Mmm, get high with a little help from my friends, Oh, I’m going to try with a little help from my friends”. As we age and look back on our lives, one of our biggest regrets may be that we didn’t keep in touch with friends. It may be a kid from the neighborhood, a high school sweetheart, or a long-time friend that you just lost touch with.

This is a huge regret among oldtimers, but not to worry, there’s plenty of ways to find them and rekindle the relationship. Here’s a few ways to find your pals:

Social Media

With the explosion of social media sites, it’s gotten so much easier to find old classmates, college buddies, and pretty much anyone you knew.

Now this is going to be fun! As a Boomer Plus, you get to become a detective! I love google, and should too!

Just enter their name in the search bar on Twitter or Facebook and see which profile matches up with your friend and send out a “friend request”. Facebook also has Pages for school and college alumni students that you can join and ask “Does anyone know Joe, Class of ’65?”

You’d be amazed how much the world has shrunk through social media, and Just how much they know about you!

Online Search

Do a straight up search on a search engine like Google. Just enter their full name in the search bar with quotations – “Joe Blow”. If you know any other detail such as where they live add that as well – “Joe Blow” Hollywood. These searches often give you their addresses, social media profiles, work profile or any website they have created and so on.

Public Records

Various public record sites are available such as usa.gov (which may be complicated due to its size), but search for “records” in the main search box and it narrows it down to military records and some State public record sites.

You can also search Genealogy sites such as FamilyTreeNow.com and Ancestry.com, that will list current and past addresses for free, (or a free trial).

A warning to y’all though, don’t be scammed by those websites that charge a fee to find people – they are using the exact same sources I’ve mentioned here. Save your money and do it yourself.

If you’re one of those “technically challenged” and just don’t like those new-fangled gadgets – no problem. The public library has a large resource of information and people to help you research, from their own genealogy club, their own public record listings, to having plain old local knowledge.

So, stop the regret and just reach out to those old friends and say “Hey!” You might be surprised that they were wondering about you too!

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Always remember to feel young, think young, ACT young.

And don’t be afraid to drink from the fountain of youth – Your mind.

This BLOG is a part of the SAYA series for baby boomers. Thom McFadden is your personal coach for beating AGEISM. Seniors can now Look, ACT, Feel years younger. Stop Acting Your Age, even if you are retired. Life is just beginning!

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