Discover How You Can Look, Act, Feel Years Younger Today and...


Learn the secret Hollywood tips, tricks and techniques actors have used for years to look, act and feel 10 to 15 years younger than their real age that YOU can use to start looking, acting and feeling years younger TODAY.


Thom McFadden loves helping Baby-Boomers, Elders and Seniors stop the depressive cycle of feeling like they are "over the hill" and have "one foot in the grave" by learning some simple techniques he has effectively used himself because he's an Elder (born in 1938) and is a senior just like you. He's taught countless others, to look, act and feel 10 to 15 years younger than the age on their birth certificate.

Thom is an accomplished Hollywood actor, acting coach, mentor, author, speaker, teacher, loving husband, father and grandfather. He now shares his wisdom from over 40 years in show business, and 80 years in Life, with the people who need it the most; people over 55 that feel invisible and society has written off as "DONE".

When he's not writing, teaching and coaching, Thom can usually be found taking a long walk with his lovely wife Nancy, playing with his grandchildren, or at the Screen Actor's Guild gym pumping iron getting fit with other actors, writers, directors and producers.

Having been featured in many movies and guest-starring in over 100 television shows (including playing the character of Red Flynn on General Hospital back in the 80s), Thom knows well how to create and portray the role of a character that looks, acts and feels years younger than his real age. And now he's going to reveal how you can too... Stop Acting Your Age.

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